The Game/Objective(Read):

You launch a ship to the moon but miss and must power up an orange launchpad using 45 green energy tokens on some nearby asteroids.

Other Tips:
Find the red button to power off walls.
Use the 2 blue jump pads to travel between far asteroids.
Hold space/A for larger jumps.


Drive: W
Reverse: S
Steer: A/D
Jump: Space
Restart: R

Xbox (Following Build Testing buttons may not work as below)
Drive: RT
Reverse: LT
Steer: Left Analogue Stick
Jump: A

Development Background:

Moon Miss Shot was created for the GitHub Game Off 2020 Game jam. This prototype was created in Unity with some of the free time I've had in November.

The theme was MOONSHOT. This theme alongside other inspirations resulted in me developing a gravity system and the game around this system.


Me: Luke/Moggrat




Kenney (Assets)

Sci-Fi Sounds (1.0)
Voxel pack (base)
Font package (free)



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